Fuel Sales

Green Fire offer a fuel delivery service. We know how difficult it can be to find a decent source of fuel, and putting it off can lead to you relying on your old, inefficient and expensive heating system – or, worse, actually going cold.

Give Green Fire a ring and we’ll deliver fuel for you, whether it’s a one-off, or you’ll like to create your own bespoke delivery schedule. We’re always here to help!

Wood Logs

Wood logs are ideal for both wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves. They are an environmentally responsible way of heating your home, as they are carbon neutral, and modern practices of planting as many trees as are felled ensures that using wood logs to heat your home is a very environmentally friendly way of staying warm.


Perfect for multi-fuel stoves, coal is a traditional way of keeping warm. As prices fluctuate, you may find that coal is the cheapest way of heating your home. Coals stay warm for hours after the initial fire has burned down, meaning you can enjoy and entire evening and night of heat from just a little fuel! This makes coal an economical way to heat your home.

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