Chimney Lining

Many people consider chimney lining to be something they can do themselves. However, since April 2002, Building Control regulations adhere to work carried out on existing chimneys.

Keep your home safe, legal and worry-free by hiring Green Fire to line your chimney.

Chimney Lining Preparation

Fitting a Chimney Lining requires 2 fully trained installation experts.

The chimney is swept first, to ensure that the work done will be as clean, tidy and safe as possible.

After this is done, lining installation begins. One technician works from the roof, while the other works at the fireplace. Roof ladders and other safety equipment is used to meet the safety requirements necessary for working at height. Inside, the room is prepared with dust sheets and breathing apparatus to ensure the technician’s safety, as well as keep the room as tidy and clean as possible.

Thick gloves are used, as the lining edges are often sharp. The lining edge is wrapped in gaffa tape.

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Any chimney pots present are removed, alongside mortar holding one in place. Chimney pots can be re-used on the same property, as long as their diameter is compatible with the new chimney lining.

Rawlplugs are used if a register plate is being installed alongside the chimney lining.

It’s not just private homes who need professional chimney lining. We also take care of schools, businesses, industrial units, shops, offices, public buildings… and many more.

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